188Bet Review

by 188Bet Review

188Bet Review

188Bet Review

188Bet is regulated and licensed by the Isle of Man, therefore meaning that they are governed by a professional organization that ensures that the integrity of the site is maintained. This regulation ensures that:

– All minors are prevented from accessing the services that the site offers, so as to protect them from the risks associated with gambling.

– All of the transactions carried out on the site are clear and not open to fraudulent activities, either by the users or the owners of the site.

– Both losing wagers and winning wagers are honored in full.

– Anyone suffering from gambling related problems is able to contact the site for details about how to get help.

Review of 188Bet Markets

188Bet is not one of the most popular sports betting websites around but it allows customers to bet on a variety of different sports, although there are sites with more sports than this one. One thing that you can expect though is that all of the sports are comprehensive, so you will be able to bet on almost any eventuality. The sports offered 188Bet are as follows:

Baseball, boxing, MMA, football, basketball, tennis, ice hockey, American football, cricket, darts, golf, handball, motor racing, rugby union, rugby league, snooker, pool and volleyball. They also offer the chance to bet on certain entertainment shows – such as The X Factor – and also on financial markets.

All of the sports listed above have their own dedicated section on the 188Bet website, therefore meaning that there is wide variety of opportunities for each. Also, many of the categories, such as football, envelop a huge amount of different leagues, both domestically and internationally. This means that whether an event is in London, Lisbon or Los Angeles, you will probably be able to bet on it at 188Bet however if it’s more obscure sports you’re after then 188Bet probably isn’t the right site for you.

If you compare the offerings at Betvictor or Paddy Power for example to that of 188Bet in terms of markets available then you’ll soon see why they don’t make it into a higher rating category.

In-Play 188Bet Review

188Bet offers all customers the chance to bet while a game is in-play, therefore meaning that punters can bet on a variety of different situations at the click of a button. The in-play menu is completely comprehensive and shows all of the major odds for the different games, although to find more specific odds you need to click on the actual game being played. All of the odds are constantly being updated, as are the stats that the site provides.

Game time, score, cards, action areas and plenty of other in game stats are provided in the in-play section which is good to see. Even some of the bigger bookmakers don’t include these so this is a really plus for 188Bet.

To access the in-play features, all you have to do is click on the “Sports” tab, before then clicking on the “In-Play” tab (under the top menu). There is a preview of all the in-play matches as well, which can be found on the left of the main sport page.

It’s hard to find fault with the in-play betting suite offered at 188Bet. It runs smoothly, displays live scores well and offers plenty of markets to bet on. One thing it doesn’t do is offer live streaming of events to customers – for this service check out Bet365 who’ve got by far the best live betting/streaming options around.

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May 13, 2017
188Bet Review
by: 188Bet Review

188Bet Review

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