188Bet Review 2017

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Owned by Limited Club, 188Bet is a European bookmaker that has a license from the Isle of Man. The main focus of 188Bet has been its sport betting branch, with the biggest focus on its football offerings. However, punters can also enjoy a range of other products such as poker, keno and casino.

Over the years, 188Bet has taken part in a number of sponsorship deals to raise their brand awareness. This includes the Premiership football club Bolton Wanderers during the ‘09-’10 season and Wigan Athletic during the ‘09-’11 seasons. It was the first sponsor to provide sponsorship deals to two different premiership football clubs during the same season. 188Bet has expanded its sponsorship programs and is currently a sponsor of several teams including Manchester City, Everton, Liverpool, Chelsea and Aston Villa.

The results of the OpenOdds 188Bet sportsbook review

The 188Bet bookie has a number of great aspects about it that must be considered. It all adds towards a positive 188Bet rating that other bookmakers would be jealous of. First of all, there is a 188Bet bonus that is up to a maximum of £25, and you only need to deposit £25 in order to access this bonus. Once you visit the website, you’ll realise it has a modern and elegant design. All the menus allow you to figure out how to find the right odds. The customer service department is helpful and the betting environment is a secure one.

The only drawback is that a live streaming service should be added so that punters can watch the action they have wagered on. Our review has determined that the 188Bet rating is 82 out of 100. This represents the fact that this bookmaker is of a high quality, but there are minor improvements that would increase the quality of 188Bet even further.

1.) Bonuses: What are the advantages of the 188Bet free bet?

The 188Bet bonus is a 100% matched bonus of up to £25. Therefore, you can get £25 worth of free bets once you deposit £25. Our 188Bet review disvotered that in order to release the bonus you’ll need to wager the size of the bonus 5 times at minimum odds of 1.5. The bonus code is “SPORTS25”, which any UK resident can use during the sign-up process for their 188Bet account.

The size of this bonus is rather small when compared to other sports betting bonuses. It is not uncommon to find 100% matched bonus offers up to £100, and even more. However, using simple betting strategies, this welcome bonus can easily be processed so that you have access to it. It’s going to give your bankroll a nice boost so that the first few days at the 188Bet bookmaker will be more enjoyable. It’s worth giving it a try.

Betting Odds: Good quality odds at this bookie

First of all, the odds format comes in 4 different styles, which are EU odds, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Malaysia. The even match odds can be as high as 1.98 for some games, and that, by industry standards, is of a very good quality. It gives you a higher chance to process the bonus, and to have a successful times betting at this bookie.
Overall, the odds here are inline with the top competitors in the industry. Over the wide range of sports that is offered, you can expect odds that are competitive. They also have a good system to update their in-play odds so that the odds are updated regularly as the action unfolds.

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May 13, 2017
188Bet Review 2017
by: 188Bet Review

188Bet Review 2017

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