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188bet asia188bet là nhà cái số 1 Việt Nam & Asia

188bet asia was established in 2010, went online in 2012 and since then has managed to survive and gain the players’ trust. They are best with live betting football & Casino Online. They are popular in Việt Nam, Malaysia, Lao, Asia and in many European countries as well.

188bet asia - best site for football betting & Casino Online


It is definitely a trend it seems that every domain name with bet and an 8 in it has been bought up and a sports book launched on it.

To the rest of the world it is a little strange to say the least. To an Asian not so, the number eight is an auspicious number and bookies are exploiting the fact. It doesn’t necessarily mean the site is a gimmick but it does mean some marketing is going on that is geared toward the East as opposed to the West.

Nothing wrong with that Asians love the same sports we do and are crazy in love with gambling. All this means that we get a site with tons of great betting opportunities. 188Bet Asia has an integrated poker room and casino on its sports site.

So if you feel the need for a few hands of baccarat while waiting for Arsenal to score it’s all there in one place.

The place is the normal fare grey and black with white inserts nothing new or inspiring to be truthful. There is a flashy banner on the right advertising their casino which brightens the whole thing up a bit.

When it comes to sports betting sites you don’t want to much to distract but it has gone the other way now and most sites are boring. But that said the site is clean and well put together.

The markets section in the middle of the screen scrolls separately from the rest of the page which is nice not original but still works well. The betting slip works as all seem to now and you can switch between price formatting. There’s not much to say about functionality most seem to work well these days.

You Can Bet On Many Things ( Sports & Casino) At 188Bet

Ok so the usual sports choices are all here. Horse racing is a predominant feature as is football. This is to be expected as the site is focused on the UK and Asian markets. Racing has its own page covering both horses and greyhounds it is a nice feature. 188Bet guarantee the best odds for all UK and Ireland from 10 am also enhanced place odds on 2 races they go from ⅕ to ¼ and also ‘Lunchtime Treats’ with price boosts and faller refunds. So they like to look after racing fans.

188Bet Asia bonus offers are not bad they offer insurance on five-fold accas. Up to £100 win boost on a five-fold acca. There a free £30 bet when a £10 wager is made by new punters. There’s a within 14 day limit, minimum evens bet on a roll-over of one time which is nice.

188Bet bonuses are on the realistic side of things and actually are not bad at all. The markets offered are good again this is to be expected as UK and Asian punters like to bet on the more exotic side of things.

Football has on average a hundred or so markets per match which is firmly in the middle so ok there. What is nice is you can cover Asian financial markets here as well. The growing trend in gambling at the moment seems to be eSports or virtual sports as some call them 188Bet covers this area also.

But the best touch is the special events tab. Want to bet on Kpop Star? The Grammys? Or maybe the Jakarta Gubernatorial Election? What about the Game of Thrones tv show? Yep you can even bet on who will rule Westeros at the end of season 7. Yep really! So at Bet88 Asia you really can have a punt on just about anything.

188Bet the best football betting site in Viet Nam, Asia & The World

188Bet the best football betting site in Viet Nam, Asia & The World188Bet the best football betting site in Viet Nam, Asia & The World

Bet188 live in-play is a specialty of the site. There are more games than you can poke a stick at. Currently 188Bet site are running at 10 000 games per month on their live in play set up.

The software is really good and there is very little delay. You get the odds you want when you want. 188Bet is a sports book that works for the serious punter. There is no 188Bet mobile app for the sports book as yet. It is only a matter of time before one is developed.

Let’s hope it’s soon because the site doesn’t feel like it works so well on a mobile browser. Its ok it is just that it feels a little bit like an afterthought. Maybe it’s the colour scheme and font that doesn’t work. That said it is much better than some. You can still access all markets and functionality is still good.

188Bet is gaining a good reputation it is also get some exposure in the form of sponsorship of Wigan Warriors rugby team which is a big name so adds weight and trust to the name.

High limits and good odds especially on Asian Handicaps and a very good customer service team all go to making 188Bet worth looking at. When we say good customer service we mean it too. You can contact them with live chat, e mail, and telephone where ever you live 24/7. Registered as an Isle of Man business with both Isle of Man and UK Gambling Commission licenses mean strong oversight and ridged rules are in place.

The banking methods are excellent with all the top e-Wallets accepted. You can only withdraw once a day with a method used to deposit. But the payout times are very good usually within 24 hours. Of course there is the usual verification requirements which are mandatory.

The amount of different currencies that an account can be set up in is one of the best. Independent security giants Thwate and testing facility TST are used to insure strong protocols are in place to look after your money and details and to test fairness of software used.

The company listed as owners are Annatar Ltd. There’s nothing hideous can be found out about them. All in all a safe bet at 188Bet asia .

Mới chơi cá độ bóng đá nên chọn nhà cái nào ?

Bạn mới bắt đầu tập tành chơi cá độ bóng đá đang tìm hiểu về nhà cái cá độ bóng đá nhưng vẫn còn đang phân vân không biết nên chọn nhà cái nào cho uy tín ?

Vì sao nên chơi cá độ bóng đá trên mạng ?

Bạn muốn chơi cá độ bóng đá nhưng đang phân vân không biết nên chơi thông qua hình thức nào ? qua cò cá độ hay chơi trên mạng ?

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